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Confessions of a Self-professeD shopaholiC
June 2008
Wed, Jun. 18th, 2008 04:38 pm

for whatever stupid reason they might have. this site will be down for like
sorry uae-ians. >.<;

i will not stop blogging though ..but i will be moving my ramblings

if you are an avid reader and would like me to keep you posted on my online
whereabouts drop me a line on fashionista.exploited@gmail.com and i will
update you shortly



Sat, Jun. 14th, 2008 01:22 am

so here is the 101. just in case you were wondering. i forgot how to blog...yes.. i forgot the passion. what it felt like snuggling on my chaise in the balcony reading magazines. dreaming. painting my nails mattel pink and writing. fervently and honestly. i do not write to feed people's curiosity (for those who just look at the pictures) or to help make someone's day less boring.

i blog for me. and i do not seek validation via my blog.

i need to remind myself that this started out and remains an outlet for me to express my individuality..thoughts and experiences. spread some rainbow in the process perhaps.

pardon my frustration..i need to seriously work on my priorities & detach myself from certain myopic mundane mindsets.

currently my whole existence is a tad miscellaneous. i don't feel like the palm-map noora anymore (whenever we get lost in paris aka my city my friends ask where are we and how do we get back -how boring and so un-christo coumbus of them- i look into my palm *supposedly the map of paris* and show them the way lol. its always guessing and im always lucky. walking towards the siene is my secret) lol shhh.

anyways i have suddenly morphed into the punctuation mark of the lives around me.in all modesty they do not make sense with out me..but i am done styling my universe. and as selfish as this will sound. helping others. my feet need a pedicure. and essie's hot summer shades will not be hot enough in a week's time and no where in my busy schedule of randomly existing do i have a moment let alone an hour's time for my self. today was my point of collapse. organizing a family dinner selecting everyone's outfits and presents.ordering the cake and making sure everyone knows the location and is there on time. behind my superfabulouswoman facade i am stressed and tired. the irony.. i never ask for anyone's help im just used to doing everything for everyone that i make-do without asking for it. it would be wonderful to have a noora for myself sometimes. (insert half-laugh-half evil grin emoticon) if only... lol

now before this becomes tres  passé a few bloggers have tagged me to list 6 quirks..

et voila..

1- i have a morbid fear of elevators. i never casually walk in someone has to go in before me..wait for the doors to close and then press the open button. thats my que. its my way of making sure the doors wont crush me alive. alas i never go in with anyone not willing to do the close-open bit with me. >.< lol

2- i laugh at all the wrong times. on my jokes especially like seriously crack up and have difficulty breathing. afashl. also and usually when someone slips or falls. i laugh when i run out of words or to confirm to avid listeners that what i just said was so wrong. out of place or silly.

3- if i feel sleepy everyone who knows me long enough can tell i start rubbing my eyes. like seriously and intensely i make a fist and rub with the bone of my thumb. like a crying baby!! and then i look for the nearest place i can put my head. whatever is closest in proximity..my favorite= my mother's shoulders . if im sleepy i sleep. regardless of location. i have slept almost everywhere u name it lol again afashl.

4- because i have lost so many things in life aham shay2een 3ndy are my camera and phone cause im done loosing both. i have this phobia now. which i hate if im given tickets or anything i put them in my bag or pocket and check on them every ten minutes. i felt sick knowing that i must have or will loose them any minute. but thats what i do i open my bag and check on my things dayman =(

5- the feeling i hate the most is when my hair is dripping wet right after a shower. that is why i will not take one unless i have my sephora microabsorber towel on hand. its dries my hair so fast so that i avoid the horrid feeling of wet hair on the nape of my neck. eww.

6- im one of the most structured people i know (not organized) but structured everything has to be done a certain way. everything has to be zen. that is why i always only pack my own bags i have the weirdest way of doing it but it makes me feel comfortable knowing where everything is. i pack in a certain way where everything is even and flat and perfect and there are no gaps in between the clothes. ugh i just pay too much attention.


also not that it matters. but i was pro-obama. i like michelle's sense of style she is certainly the african american jackie-O<3  cant wait to see her spice up our screens and otherwise mundane whitehouse fashion scene.

my moma hated that i wore this badge on my super 70's MJ blazer in nyc "my moma loves obama" hehe super cute non?

& how hillarious is this.. lol

Be safe. Be Green & ltnsony mn da3awatkom x


Fri, May. 30th, 2008 06:56 am


i grew up watching julie andrews play mary poppins soooo many times it was ridiculous lol.  so for me to catch the broadway show was like a fabulous dream. i was skipping all day to the tunes of "jolly holiday" and "Supercalafrajelisticexpialidotious" hours before..and that didnt stop for days afterwards lol

the show was "practically perfect" in every  way ...the set was magical (a gigantic doll-house)..& Mary flew throughout..the details were immaculate ..and the choreography breathtaking. i <3 Mary Poppins.

do catch the show if ever you have chance...xx

& remember "In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun. You find the fun and [snap] the job's a game"


Thu, May. 29th, 2008 08:38 am


Magnolia cupcakes, 401 bleecker street, soho, nyc

you know what else im tempted to eat to the last crumb? my latest find on etsy ..chocolate soap YUMMY! <3

have a fabulous day ala cold play. i LOVE this song <3 viva la vida xx


Fri, May. 23rd, 2008 09:16 pm

How cute is my pink encased air aka zay el hawa laptop lol ps. The kitty sticker replaces the apple logo...abd this is cool why?

KITTY GLOWS (a kawaaaii kinda kreepy glow) trance-alicious hehe

Ok I wana add a song bs I can't via bb its my current addiction its the one I'm singing out loud while typing this- multitasking fabulosity I call it ahaha..

You tube it: Cas Haley - walking on the moon- accoustics

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Thu, May. 22nd, 2008 06:07 am

my brother thinks i lack substance.. me i make no apologies for being the sanrio loving, blinged-out-cell-phone carrying, afternoon-tea rooms dwelling dubai-an that i am. i love surrounding myself with fabulous music. great company and deelish food. cute stuff is just the cherry on top.. et voila a picto-update with a few of my favorite things..

i love..

brown paper packages. (from bloomingdale is particular) lol and mango mochi icecream. a weakness.


waking up to yummy kitty toast and etta james on my super kawaii engraved ipod touch..that reads" iNoora's fabulous tunes " hehe

bows aka fionkas- anything from pianegonda's "forever" diamond rings to oversized pink bow headbands and a henna bracelet...its an infatuation that sees no end >.<. sunsets and Galler hot cocoa included ;p

my cameras. everywhere i ago. polaroids for instant fun and a digi my dad got me. its found its home in my SR blinged "flashbag" lol

my red organizer ..it reminds me of everything from appointments and rendez vous dates to fun times i plaster polaroids and show tickets throughout lol...and finally my moto of the year.."luck only knock at smiling doors"..

i have "substance" you just have to see past all the cuteness. lol

ciao x



Wed, May. 21st, 2008 03:12 am

may started out on a fabulous note... attending fairuz's sah el nawm with the most adorable group ever. thanks elle woods jr. for making it all possible lak t2boreeeeny! now update ur blog..and spread fabulous funk vibes into our lives like u always do...je t'adore xx

then there was pedro's graduation..the highlight of my year perhaps..!! ps. the pedro from my japan trips for those of you who have been around for so long lol..ill post graduation pics too. yay.

and finally newyork..although i prefer the city in the fall. its even more pretty in spring..

i miss my blog hwayih (my word du jour btw) but i hardly have the energy to blog..im sorry you guyz.

here's something i wanted to share with you though.. the whole nyc gucci contro..my tote was sent to me on opening night..before the whole saga began..i <3 the campaign check it out via this link ...

i have front row seats to the nba semi finals tonite..eee..<-thats me being super hyped lol..have a good one x


Wed, May. 14th, 2008 11:58 pm

Funny this update is actually meant to distract me.. Never in my travels have I felt like this with every step I take closer to the gate my heart sinks I'm leaving my sister babi ali and my closest friends ever behind and it doesn't feel good not the least bit.. Strange.. I'm homesick already..

I know ill have more time to update so ill talk to u soon.. May ur days be filled with laughter.. Enjoy the time u spend with your families..its more precious than u might realise

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Wed, Apr. 30th, 2008 11:47 pm

she always had my dream wardrobe. voice. horse. sense of style. friends. house and most importantly ROOM!!

seeing that red carpets surrounding my bed is impractical..ive decided to redecorate my room. inspired by the sunshine glory that defines rainbow brite.. i hate curtains always have. and so they are the first to go down..my balcony will become an extension of my room..encased in glass it will be partly my art studio.my breakfast space..and where i finalise my masterplan (topple off anna wintour. and take over the world hehe)..

sooo...i found the perfect wall paper ..and in the style i adore. floral..parisian..et tres chic..de Gournay make the most wonderful Chinoiserie hand-painted wallpaper <3


isnt the yellow wall paper divine....!!.....i'm a step closer to having my rainbowbright room..now if only i have adorably styled little midgets singing to me every morning..lol a rainbow belt wouldnt hurt either!! 

sing with me nowwwwwwwwwww...."everybodys gota part to play to start each day in a beautiful way" ahahahhah have a fabulous weekend guys


also file under: i want my own star sprinkles.

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Sun, Apr. 27th, 2008 07:37 pm

.."There's something fabulous about the energy of a Dolce e Gabbana show when they let loose their bouncy, celebratory Italianate love of women and fashion. For Spring, they recaptured that freshness in a virtuoso performance that showed them at their very best: blowing modernity into fifties romance and loading their unique culture into accessible clothing" - Sarah Mower

every season every year..there is always a dress ..THE dress that creats havoc in my system. a dernier cri that turns into an obsession ..healthy fixation..inspirational. surreal. breathtaking and visionary. from my fall pink leopard marc inspired trance to domenico&stefano's painted organza fifties-fantasy ball gowns..im in love ..alors

..morning sunshine..deep brushstrokes on canvas, french vogue..and 3 frothy chinos later...et voila my lusiocus spring canvas..

enjoy clips from the show ..ciao bellas xx